Managed Storage

Anyone can store a box.

What we do is manage that storage.

For starters, although we store boxes, we actually specialise in storing business records. So this may be boxed records, or it may be filing cabinets, or lever arch files, or suspension files, or however you hold your records currently.

We record every item we store on our dedicated storage computer system. This produces a barcode label that is applied to the item being stored. This ensures that we know exactly what we are storing, who it belongs to, when it came in, where it has been and when it is due for review and disposal.

We can deliver stored items to you when they are required, and collect them again when you are finished - and this is all recorded in the history for that item.

We can provide inventories and reports, and advise when items are due for disposal. And with your consent, we can ensure the item is confidentially disposed of when instructed.